New Site Design:

MorrowSound founder and renowned sound artist Charlie Morrow has a new site to go along with the massive archive being built up in Vermont, cataloguing five decades of work (so far) as a creator, performer, and intermedia art impresario.



Lincoln Castle Revealed

LONDON, UK. Location Recording for the 2015 Opening. Lincoln Cathedral Choir. Noted TV actor Keith Barron as the Chaplain. Soundscapes to animate Lincoln Castle Prison, Chapel and Magna Carta Vault.



1817 James Brown House - Ear Inn

NEW YORK, NY. Elimination of sound leakage from the legendary Ear Inn restaurant to the upstairs rooms of the James Brown House. The MorrowSound® True3D system allows patrons to converse easily and simultaneously listen to audiophile-quality music. Experience the Ear Inn's immersive sound system at 326 Spring Street, Manhattan.



Hatfield Dowlin Football Complex

EUGENE, OREGON. The Ducks football team wanted to record and recreate the loudest football stadium in the world; we knew just how to do it.

The Football Operations Center's Ring Room now features multiple CMP sound stories that capture the immensity and feel of this world-class team in action. A duck-pond soundscape rounds out the aural experience.  We also created a True3D Lobby sound experience, filled with the expanded stereo soundtracks of the jumbo-screen football videos and ambient music.


Arcanum 17

Arcanum 17 is a multimedia composition and True 3D sound installation by Christopher Williams and Charlie Morrow, an amplification and transformation of André Breton’s 1944 book of the same name.

Over a year in the making, Arcanum 17 is a 45-minute, two-part multimedia composition for contrabass and tuba, text, and field recordings and MorrowSound True 3D sound installation based on surrealist Andre Breton’s 1944 book of the same name, in which he sees “love and loss, aggression and war, pacifism, feminism and the occult” through the prism of Rocher Percé, a massive natural arc on the east coast of Quebec. Through his unique blurring of prose and poetry, dream-and waking states, natural and psychological landscapes, and past, present and future, Breton links themes as diverse as Canadian wildlife, the myth of Melusina, fascism, and the ecstasy of newfound love.

On Tour September 6 - 17: Vancouver, Victoria, Regina, Rimouski, and Helsinki, Canada Click here for more details.



London, UK: LAND SEA AIR. This exhibition is a sonic exploration of the passing of time. The journey begins 400 million years ago – when sea creatures first moved on to land and developed hearing - and continues through six different ages of our world.

Sound artist Charlie Morrow explores our relationship to the environment and its ecological changes as well as to history through three-dimensional immersive sound which he has been developing and refining over the past thirty years. The visitor will hear sounds from different epochs ranging from giant dragonflies of the Carboniferous period to the internet and circuitry of our contemporary digital era.

To complement Morrow’s sonic journey the exhibition includes Geo Portrait Earth (1999) by American filmmaker Gina Angelone and Time Spiral Cosmic Clock, a sculpture designed specially for the exhibition by Finnish industrial designer Hannu Kähönen. Both works address our perception and experience of the passing of time.

Click here to see Julian Treasure's interview with Charlie Morrow at the Arup event.

See also - Julian Treasure: The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us

Land Sea Air runs from 17 February 2012 – 4 May 2012 at Phase 2. Open Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 6.00pm. Admission is free.


Charlie Morrow and Maija-Leena Remes talk with David Weinstein of Art On Air

the band Composer/producer/shaman Charlie Morrow has always appeared equal parts Fluxus, Occupy Lincoln Center, Lakota mystic, and tech wizard. In this wide ranging and lushly illustrated musical conversation with his partner Maija-Leena Remes and host David Weinstein, Morrow revisits some of the processes and concepts behind a career of paradigm-bending works. Morrow is equal parts Fluxus, Occupy Lincoln Center, Lakota mystic, and tech wizard.
Art On air

Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center Wins 2011 IDEA Silver Environments Award from Industrial Designers Society of America

Arctic Studies Center The Industrial Designers Society of America has awarded a 2011 Silver IDEA in the category of Environments to the Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Working with our very talented partners, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Charles Morrow Productions created and installed a Sound Gallery in the Arctic Study Center. Visitors can experience the telling of five stories of the Arctic in sequence, each story being told by a native story teller and surrounded by the Arctic sounds orchestrated by CMP.

The Smithsonian Institution’s new Arctic Studies Center combines a cultural resource and study center, a seven-screen synchronized orientation film, an immersive soundscape listening space, and a 10,000 square-foot gallery interpreting over 600 objects and the Alaskan Native communities that produced them. The project offers an intimate and multifaceted perspective representing a reunion of cultural heritage with contemporary Alaskans.

The Industrial Design Excellence Award celebrates design excellence. CMP works closely with architects and designers to introduce a dynamic audio component into designs for museums, public spaces, retail stores, themed attractions and other venues.

Charlie Morrow said about the award: “The arctic has been my beat for decades. Our own archive of Arctic sounds combined in True3D with recoded stories by Elders were given a remarkable home in the Sound Gallery overlooking all of Anchorage to views of breathtaking mountains rising out of the sea."

XI Records Release Party + Performance for Charlie Morrow's TOOT! Triple CD

Charlie Morrow

Summer Solstice, June 21, 9 pm Where:
Experimental Intermedia Foundation
224 Center Street at Grand
New York City

Toot! contains works spanning fifty years of Charlie Morrow's compositions, events and collages from the 'first real piece", Very Slow Gabrieli (1957) and "A Sound Portrait of Marilyn Monroe" created for the memorial show organized by Andy Warhol & friends (1967), to the outdoor solstice celebration work, Wave Music: 40 Cellos (1977). The CD also contains the title tune, "Toot 'N Blink" for two fleets of boats, from the 80s, the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves from the 90s, and Central Park 1850. 2007.

A compilation of Morrow's collaborations with the accomplished poet Jerome Rothenberg will follow.

The man of many hats, Mister Bowler himself, will perform.

Charlie exclaims, "I have spent my life creating new work and always look forward. It was an extraordinary challenge to listen to my life's work and make choices for Toot!. I am touched that my friends at EI have organized this project and patiently waited years for it to come together. And now it is here!"

XI Records has forged a tradition of profile CDs which are archival and contemporary, providing a broad view of an artist's life's work. The Triple CDs are accompanied by a booklet of the artist's writings and photos providing context.


World’s first use of 3D sound in retail.

In a world first, Marimekko, an iconic Finnish clothing and textile brand, is using 3D sound to create a unique shopping experience in four new stores. This new audio experience is a an important part of the company’s brand identity at the outlets in Berlin, Malmö, and two in Helsinki, and aims to create a truly immersive in-store experience for customers.


Visit the Steelcase lobby to see our exhibit, "Land Sea Air: Changing Climates." True3D soundscapes + images. 400 million years ago to the present and future.

The exhibit is open weekdays 9 am - 6 pm until January 15, 2011.

Steelcase is located at 4 Columbus Circle (8th Avenue at 58th Street) New York City.