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Sound Puddles

Oregon Ducks Ring Room

EUGENE, OREGON. The University of Oregon’s Duck mascot Puddles just got its first-ever sound pond. Our True3D installations fill the new Football Operations Center with the energy of Autzen Stadium - the world’s loudest!

In the Ring Room (picture above), football sound stories punctuate the DUCK pond atmosphere. In the Lobby, visitors experience True 3D’s power to expand stereo to 3D audio for the jumbo-screen football videos and ambient music.

Together with ZGF Architects and Gallagher Design, CMP is proud to contribute world-class sound experiences to this facility, which was hailed by The New York Times, “as much country club as football facility.” Our use of MeyerSound speakers adds that high-quality finishing touch.

Summer in Winter

Lincolnshire Castle

Winter may be upon us, but the Lincoln Cathedral choir is resounding with “Summer is Icumen In,” the oldest song in English. After an on-location cathedral recording with this choir and a studio recording session with noted British actor Keith Barron, CMP is well warmed up to our Lincoln Castle prison and Magna Carta soundscapes.

Over the next year, we will mix and install audio stories in these historic spaces. Accompanied by sound recreations of the dialects and everyday life, visitors to the Victorian prison and chapel will experience the past as if it were present. The Magna Carta Vault will ring with Medieval music and natural soundscapes. Our sounds support the expert exhibition design of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, UK. Here's a sneak peak from the Castle.

Any Way the Demo Blows...

CMP Demos

ANYWHERE, WORLD. MorrowSound® True3D must be seen to be heard. Seen/heard in person, that is. Our mobile sound cube demos celebrate the possibilities of heightened presence through sound. And with permanent demo installations across the States and Europe, CMP makes it easy for you to experience True3D first hand. 

Recently we collaborated with one of America's leading healthcare providers to present sound solutions for hospital rooms. We’ve even wowed San Francisco interactive design start-ups and top UK attraction and heritage producers with our hyper-dynamic system. Whether your needs are hospitality, entertainment, education, you name it, True3D is waiting for your ears.

Contact us for more information on MorrowSound® True3D demos.


Spotlight on Denis Thalson

Denis ThalsonCharles Morrow Productions is excited to introduce our Bay Area representative Denis Thalson. He returns to CMP after an extended hiatus. Denis and Charlie Morrow worked on several audio projects, including the New Wilderness Foundation’s Audiographics series, which featured new music and tribal music from around the world. Around this time, Denis also worked in non-profit radio in New York City.

In addition to his aural interests, Denis has been a scholar and teacher, holding a PhD from the Graduate Theological Union. While in school, he studied religious and philosophical ideas about the construction of one’s sense of place. A longtime resident of the Bay Area, Denis is an active member and organizer of the international English Country Dance community.

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