Lincoln Castle Revealed
in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates, London
Lincoln Castle Revealed

LONDON, UK. Location Recording for the 2015 Opening. Lincoln Cathedral Choir. Noted TV actor Keith Barron as the Chaplain. Soundscapes to animate Lincoln Castle Prison, Chapel and Magna Carta Vault.  

1817 James Brown House - Ear Inn
Oregon Ducks

NEW YORK, NY. Elimination of sound leakage from the legendary Ear Inn restaurant to the upstairs rooms of the James Brown House. The MorrowSound® True3D system allows patrons to converse easily and simultaneously listen to audiophile-quality music. Experience the Ear Inn's immersive sound system at 326 Spring Street, Manhattan.

Oregon Ducks - Hatfield Dowlin Football Complex
in collaboration with ZGF Architects
Oregon Ducks

EUGENE, OREGON. The Ducks football team wanted to record and recreate the loudest football stadium in the world; we knew just how to do it.

The Football Operations Center's Ring Room now features multiple CMP sound stories that capture the immensity and feel of this world-class team in action. A duck-pond soundscape rounds out the aural experience.  We also created a True3D Lobby sound experience, filled with the expanded stereo soundtracks of the jumbo-screen football videos and ambient music.  

in collaboration with Mother New York and Moment Factory

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. When Microsoft wanted to stage their newest release in a miniature Manhattan, they found just the right sound artists for the job. Having lived and worked in NYC since the 60's, our team combined its historical and geographical knowledge to produce True 3D audio for each particular neighborhood and different times of day.

Long Island Children's Museum
Long Island Children's Museum GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK. How can we better "see" sound? What's the difference between sound and music? CMP combined its 45 years of audio experience to provide entertaining answers for this great museum. Our interactive soundscapes teach aural literacy to children of all ages. On-location sound system training provides, museum educators with full control over their sound.

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates, New York
Russian Jewish Museum MOSCOW, RUSSIA. It's no wonder CMP was picked to contribute sounds to what has been hailed as Moscow's "Jewish Disneyland." To meet the cultural and historical needs of this groundbreaking space, we combined extensive research, audio collage, and the expertise of our multilingual in-house translator to recreate the real sounds of a 19th-Century Russian shtetl marketplace. more...

CMP's contributions are housed in two of the twelve exhibitions that make up the museum. Immersed in a life-sized recreation of the marketplace, visitors encounter sounds designed by Charlie Morrow and Tyler Clausen. Carts are heard rolling across cobblestones, market-goers chatter through the streets and a vendor calls in Yiddish, "salt pickles," "apples!" and "cherries," spoken by the voice of CMP’s very own Maija-Leena Remes.

Elsewhere in the museum is CMP's sonic contribution to an interactive, animated timeline that documents six stages in Jewish migrations over three millennia, from the Promised Land to modern Russia. Combining found music and sound, this soundscape recreates the sounds of Jewish culture as they have evolved through place and time.

Housed in a world-famous Constructivist masterpiece designed in 1926 by Konstantin Melnikov and Vladimir Shukhov, the building and museum are a must-see for Russians and tourists.

In 2013, Charles Morrow Productions continues its collaborations with Ralph Appelbaum Associates internationally. We are ecstatic to contribute our sounds and technologies to the museum-goers around the world.

See the Museum's website here.


Arcanum 17
Arcanum 17
CANADA EUROPE TOUR. MorrowSound True 3D is regularly used in live events, but Arcanum 17 raised the bar to the next level by combining live performance with recorded, immersive audio. In collaboration with composer contrabassist Christopher Williams and composer tubaist Robin Hayward, we brought Andre Breton's 1943 book to life as a 45-minute, expansive audio experience.

As an accompaniment to the tour, CMP launched The Arcanum 17 blog, showcasing interviews, an audio trailer, videos, photos, and news from the tour. Arcanum 17 is available for live performance in your gallery, concert hall, and beyond. For booking information, please contact us at info@cmorrow.com.

South Florida Science Museum
South Florida Science Museum WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. CMP created a soundscape with continuous Everglades ambience and 15 push button sounds. more...

Tony Lualdi design created the entire experience. CMP worked with Tony, then with DMCD, on And the Beat Goes (heartbeat machines) for the American Heart Association, Phoenix Arizona. Tony reported that people are having a fabulous time pushing the 15 buttons that trigger the 15 sounds.

Sounds came from our colleague and friend Elam Stolzfus , Florida based natural environment, video maker, whom we met at the international wildlife film festival, where we met Tyler Clausen. Great lucky stars!


Spokane Water Resources Center
Spokane Water Resources
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON. CMP collaborated with a bright new design team Renate based in Portland, Oregon. The firm does planning and design for museums, science centers and cultural institutions. more...

A feature of Renate’s work is the integration of media from the outset. Renate creates projects that are unexpected, fun and form a place of pride for their communities. Opened Spring 2012: Renate design for the Spokane Water Resources Center engages visitors in understanding natural and engineered water reclamation systems, to raise awareness about wastewater treatment and to inspire sustainable practices and water conservation. CMP created a water soundscape for visitors entering and leaving the Center through a silo structure, taking unique advantage of the silo echo.


Magic Forest & Aviary at Nationwide Children's Hospital
NCH Magic Forest
COLUMBUS, OHIO. Among giant trees and forest friends filling the Magic Forest, anyone sitting in the new waiting room will be surrounded by sounds of distant birds, wild animals and even the occasional cricket. more...

The Aviary has dozens of colorful birds and colorful sonic flight patterns. Birds are heard taking off from the ground and flying overhead. This Aviary has the peaceful sound of a river that flows through the hallway. Our 3D soundscape is always changing. As the sounds of a natural forest change throughout the day, so does the Magic Forest. Mornings are calm while afternoons are full of life. There are even sounds of crickets and frogs at night. The sounds of birds and animals are produced at random, which means no two days are alike. There is a unique experience for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. No matter what day of the year you visit the Children's Hospital, you will experience the most vivid depiction of the outdoors.


LAND SEA AIR at Arup Headquarters
Land Sea Air at Arup
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. CMP's exhibit LandSeaAir ran from February 17 to May 4, 2012 in Phase 2 Gallery at the headquarters of Arup, the renowned structural engineering and acoustical design firm. Sound artist Charlie Morrow explores through three-dimensional immersive sound our relationship between the environment and its ecological changes, as well as its history. more...

The visitor hears sounds from different epochs ranging from giant dragonflies of the Carboniferous period to the internet and the circuitry of our contemporary digital era. To complement Morrow's sonic journey the exhibition includes Geo Portrait Earth (1999) by American filmmaker Gina Angelone and Time Spiral Cosmic Clock, a sculpture designed specially for the exhibition by Finnish industrial designer Hannu Kähönen. Both works address our perception and experience of the passing of time.


Marimekko New York Flagship Store
Marimekko New York
NEW YORK, NEW YORK. At the end of 2011, Charles Morrow Productions completed programming and installation of a Morrowsound® True3D system at Marimekko's flagship Manhattan store on Fifth Avenue, right across from the historic Flatiron Building. more...

Marimekko has used 3D sound to create a unique shopping experience in five stores to date. This new audio experience is an important part of the company’s brand identity at the outlets in New York, Berlin, Malmö, and two in Helsinki, and it aims to create a truly immersive in-store experience for both the customers and the staff. Marimekko's designs are closely linked to and inspired by nature. That is why the stores use creative soundscapes that blend music and natural sounds together, i.e., calm rainfalls, quiet bird song or simply a tranquil forest ambience which create a freshly calm state of mind.


AHEAD! at the Habitare Design Fair
HELSINKI, FINLAND. Seagulls, boat horns, kids playing, dogs, and army marching band sounds create a True3D real-life replica of a Helsinki marketplace environment. Located exclusively in our 2,000 sq meter AHEAD! show at the Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki. more...

This collaboration with Hannu Kähönen's CreaDesign and Anteeksi is a popular attraction and alternative experience in the highly commercial design show. We mix True 3D soundscenes with localized sounds for a jolly, familiar market atmosphere with small typical sonic place details. The MorrowSound HiLo speaker format supports ear level conversation for cafeteria and retail experiences. Our time spent gathering local sound is rewarded. The boat horns and the sonic rainstorms sound very local Helsinki.


Sonic Wind Sails
Sonic Wind Sails
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK. A project and installation in Denmark developed by Jes Vagnby Architecture & Identity in collaboration with Charles Morrow Productions, Copenhagen International Theatre with Trevor Davies, Roskilde Festival, and others.

Fortaleza Hall, SC Johnson Inc.
SC Johnson Fortaleza Hall RACINE, WISCONSIN. SC Johnson's headquarters was visually beautiful, but plagued by acoustic shortfalls. Our remedy was a thin veil of 3D rainforest sounds to subtly enhance visitors' experiences. To ensure freshness, different sounds of nature change throughout the day in harmony with the weather outside.

The Soundscape at SC Johnson is a thin veil of 3D sound that harmonizes with the environment and create a layered, ever changing sonic atmosphere in Fortaleza Hall. Made of themed Fortaleza, Brazil environmental sounds, the Soundscape combines with water feature and air handler sounds, as well as the footfalls and conversations in Fortaleza Hall, driven by Racine conditions such as wind and rain, light and dark.

Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Instution
Arctic Studies Center
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. 3D sound for museum installation. The sounds of the arctic are the indigenous calls and voices of the far north. The melting of ice and snow; the flapping and galloping; the solitary within the herd and the herd itself. more...

The visitor hears sounds from different epochsThe importance of community participation cannot be stressed enough: this audio environment is being created by people whose communities have resided in Alaska for many millennia. They are the owners of their own culture and caretakers of that of their ancestors. They are properly the people who will tell their stories, and in the workshops, they will teach the producers, and ultimately the visitors, about the natural sounds of the Alaskan environment as well.

The audio programs in the Soundscape will change regularly. These programs will be created by members of Alaskan Native communities and sound artists as a result of workshops conducted by Charlie Morrow at the Arctic Studies Center.

Charlie Morrow will establish a training program to train native producers to create 3D sound works which reflect the extraordinary way folks hear in the north.


Target's Kaleidoscope Fashion Spectacular

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Charles Morrow Productions created the soundscape for Target's outdoor 2010 extravaganza, featuring an innovative light show from Daft Punk's lighting designer, with dancers performing infront of the windows of the Standard Hotel's rooms.


Royal Soundscapes
Royal Soundscapes
ESRUM, DENMARK. The concept for Royal Soundscapes of North Sjaelland is to work with layers of sound presented on a MorrowSound® True 3D multiple loudspeaker setup with tall loudspeaker stands festooned with royal banners. The presentations are outdoors on one of the several historical sites of the stories. Each location changes the overall experience. A light event starts and ends each performance. more...

Stories were created, based on historical sources, which formed the basis for several sound installations that soundscape artists Charles Morrow Productions and students from the Tonespace Program at VMK–Academy of Music and Music Communication in Esbjerg, Denmark prepared for the Sound Event in August 2009.


Steelcase Lobby
Steelcase Lobby
NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Celebrating our expertise in designing audio for unlikely places, Steelcase invited CMP to design two soundscapes and visual installations for their lobby. In their comings and goings, employees and visitors discover a multimedia presentation about how sound, light and color can improve well-being in living and working environments. Here the lobby becomes a playful space of discovery and reflection.

Nokia World 72-Speaker Immersive Soundscape
Nokia World
BARCELONA, SPAIN. It was a great pleasure to collaborate closely with Nokia on every element of this massive True 3D sound tunnel. As a team, we worked closely together on concept, scripting, and sound timing. Visitors even found themselves as unwitting collaborators when their motions triggered the sounds an ocean wave crashing down the tunnel, a jet plane landing and more.

Immersive Sound: Creation of the Carboniferous Period

JOGGINS FOSSIL CENTRE, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA. A three-minute day in the life of the Carboniferous Period, installed in a giant tree trunk, with projected animation and spatial sound.

Pro Football Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame
CANTON, OHIO. A 3D sound experience of pro football sounds and voices.

Listening to the River
Great Lakes Children's Museum TRAVERSE CITY MICHIGAN. A master 3D soundscape and numerous interactive exhibits teaching management of the Lake Michigan ecosystem to children. more...

Through the use of GestureTek projection, an interactive body of water is projected on the floor. Guests marvel as each footstep sends ripples and scatters fish. The video was shot in Lake Michigan. Flush flat rock surfaces with graphics are distributed along the bank and in the “water” itself allowing kids to jump from rock to rock if they choose. Overhead speakers play a chasing loop of the sound of rushing water and other watershed sounds provided by the LTTR kids. The sound runs the length of the stream.

CMP designed a moving montage of river sounds. We worked with the Gesture-Tek software to trigger specific sounds at appropriate locations along the length of the Interactive River, allowing the children to be more “present” in the simulated environment.


Echoes from the Mountains, 2006 Winter Olympics
Torino Olympics
TORINO, ITALY. Anyone wondering about our experience in outdoor environments need look no further than our Olympic installation. For two weeks, our sound installation endured the wind, snow and ice of the wintry Alps. Visitors bundled together to hear a playlist of immersive audio by international sound artists.

St. Clair Bridge
St. Clair Bridge

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. Speakers, wires, sound and light under a bridge. Permanent outdoor audio piece that plays on a schedule: three-minute sound clips that play on the hour and every 15 minutes, using four different three-minute sound collages representing how the sound would be if it changed season by season. Charlie Morrow’s sound with Charles Stone’s lighting.

Audubon's Aviary
Audubon's Aviary

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. An annual installation of small sound boxes set below individual Audubon watercolors. Sensors detected the visitor’s presence and responded with birdsong and bird calls appropriate to the species depicted. In addition, twenty-four 3D-cubic loudspeakers in five connected “sound cubes” stretching through the hall, providing overall ambience and the 3D sound system driving them created the effect of birds flying overhead from time to time.

Launch of the MorrowSound® True3D Sound Cube
New Sound New York

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Produced by Charles Morrow Associates Inc., Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, The Kitchen
Curators: Charlie Morrow, Stephen Vitiello, Christina Yang
Coordinator: Michael J. Schumacher

Olivia Block, Douglas Henderson

Shelley Hirsch, The Illustrious Company (Martyn Ware/ Vince Clarke), Steve McCaffery, Miya Masaoka, Charlie Morrow, Phill Niblock, Scanner Michael J. Schumacher, Stephen Vitiello, Pamela Z

Invention of the MorrowSound® Cube
NMNH Rotunda

WASHINGTON, DC. Spatial sound delivery systems, VIS smart projection plus spatial sound for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and for Denver Museum of Art and Science Gates Planetarium, 2004.

Tony's New York Audio Tours
Tony's New York Audio Tours

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Creation of the venture, visitor experience and audio tours in eight languages at The Empire State Building Observatory, NYC, 2003.

Great Platte River Road Memorial Archway Monument
Great Platte River Memorial Archway Monument Tours

KEARNEY, NEBRASKA. Winner of a THEA award, 2001. The production of an audio tour and eleven audio environments for a new museum in Kearney, Nebraska called The Great Platte River Road Memorial Archway. The Audio Tour uses actors voicing the journals and personal accounts of pioneers, adventurers and public figures. Augmented by authentic sound effects, the total effect resembles a series of tiny radio plays. For each of the eleven zone areas we designed and created a series of specific soundscapes. These soundscapes are accurate recreations of the winds, weather, insects, animals and human sounds of each locale and era.

Vikings! @ National Museum of Natural History

WASHINGTON, DC. The Vikings! exhibition commemorated the 1000-year anniversary of the Viking arrival in North America and explored the historical impact of new archaeological finds that have redefined the world's knowledge of early North American and Scandinavian life.

Audio and AV production. Vikings, cover story for Time Magazine and New York Times.

Time Magazine: The Amazing Vikings

NY Times: Exhibition on Vikings' Heyday Recasts Their Brutish Image

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